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Note of Caution:
Buyer Beware!


We have no hidden costs unlike our competition with excessive delivery fees.

We offer free delivery and market pricing for our materials unlike some of our competition who hit you real hard with delivery fees. Their product pricing may lure you in but then when finalizing your transaction, you realize you have paid an excessive amount for delivery.


Do you sell…
any USA Broker Board?
We leave that to our competitors with the super low pricing and no conscience for selling it to you! One gets what they pay for. Broker board is USA leftover board that has been sitting in USA warehouses for years due to the housing crisis. Its made its way north to Canada at a very low cost to the suppliers buying it in GTA and selling it at very low prices. It’s been handled over and over again. Once you start to install it, it crumbles in your hands. Be prepared to replace it all before you get to taping and compounding stage.

Beware of the “bait and switch” strategy commonly used by our competitors (our contractors tell us all the time that they’ve been duped by our competitors). That’s when they tell you that it is Canadian board and what gets delivered is NOT Canadian board.

We at Drywall Canada assure you by telling you not to accept the delivery if its not what you ordered.

Drywall Canada only carries drywall made in Canada and all has a manufacturer’s warranty and meets our building codes unlike some others on the market.

any drywall from China?
No we do not sell drywall from China! We only carry drywall made in Canada. Canadian Made equals Canadian Jobs! All of our drywall has a manufacturer’s warranty unlike Chinese board which has been proven to be hazardous to your health.

any drywall from Mexico (aka Panel Rey)?
Absolutely not. Many of our competitors here in GTA sell it and claim that it meets building code. It does not have a warranty and it is an inferior drywall not suited to our climate. We only carry drywall made in Canada. Canadian Made equals Canadian Jobs! All of our drywall has a manufacturer’s warranty.




What type of drywall do you use in the shower/bathroom?
Mold resistant drywall (i.e., M2 Tech), Cement Board or Dens Shield.

What insulation could I use for sound proofing?
Quietzone Insulation by Owens Corning or Safe ‘n Sound Insulation by Rockwool (formerly Roxul)

Do you deliver drywall into the basement?
Yes. We have an experienced crew to carry the drywall down into your basement. Inquire about our carry in services.

What does “R value” mean?
This indicates a material’s amount of resistance to heat transfer. The higher this number, the more insulation the product provides.

Why are your prices so much lower than the big box stores?
Our overhead costs are much lower than our competition due to the fact our inventory is stored remotely. This allows us to pass on the saving to you, our customer. We also do not have hidden fees like our competition who charge excessively for delivery.

Are you open to the public?
No we are not as our supplies are stored remotely and the orders are filled and shipped from our warehouse. That way we are able pass on our savings to you with lower overhead expenses.

Do you carry metal studs?
Yes we carry many sizes of and gauges of Metal products. (special orders within 24 hours)

Do you sell tools?
Yes check our wide range of tools and equipment in our products section on our website.