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Drywall Canada is a full-service building materials supplier.

Why shop at big box stores when we can deliver right to your jobsite for less than 
you would pay to pick it up yourself and we’re just a phone call away!

Make us your single point of contact and alleviate stress of multiple sources.

Use your time wisely!

Drywall Canada realizes that time is money, so wasting it on running around gathering building materials can be detrimental to your bottom line. We are here to streamline time-consuming tasks, so that you can put your most valuable resource – YOU – to work on more important things.

Let us deal with the traffic, cost of gas, and of course eliminate wasted time in stores and showrooms when we are just a phone call away.
So go ahead and put us in your speed dial.

Your “one-stop shop” for all your building supplies.

Our best customer is a knowledgeable consumer because they know…


Request a free quote – You’ll be glad you did!

Some products and services we’re offering to our customers at wholesale prices…

 luxury modern kitchens from Italy  spray foam insulation • drywall installation services metal products (12 – 25 gauge)
insulation (batt and spray foam) • drywall • compound • roofing  tools and much • much more!

Drywall Canada Offers: curbside, carry-in or boom delivery – call for details!

Canadian made products = Canadian jobs!